Tailored Business Practices

Cervini Painting and Decorating is repeatedly recognized for their dedication to their clients and employees. Utilizing only high quality paint and products on the market they are able to offer some of the most modern painting techniques coupled with old world quality and workmanship. Our employees are some of the most dedicated and experienced in their field. Cervini Painting employees are professionally trained, uniformed, unionized workers with enhanced on-site safety certification.

Professional Uniformed, Unionized with Enhanced Safety Certification

Cervini Painting employs a third party Safety Consultant who is available to train employees to maintain safety procedures on-site. We host our own private safety meetings with ALL our employees to strictly enforce safety methods and practices used on-site along with material safety data certification. We equip all of our sites with custom safety kits with materials that are replaced every couple of months.

Dedicated On-Site Foreman

Cervini Painting streamlines their processes to minimize any errors on-site. Each site is equipped with a professional Cervini Painting Site Lead who will be available throughout the project to supervise painting crews and under see day to day operations of the project.

The owners and general managers make it a priority to visit each site daily to personally track advancements in the project and enforce quality control. In addition Cervini Painting will liaise with other trades on-site to foresee any problems BEFORE they occur.

Each of these distinct characteristics places Cervini Painting at the top of their field. Any clients of Cervini Painting are confident that they have the best painting contractor available on their site.